Student Guide to Supporting Strikes

This information aims to persuade students to support the strike and give advice on how to support it.

Why you should support the strike

  • University staff came out in support of students' fight against tuition fee hikes in 2010. While we lost this fight, we should show the staff the same support that they gave us.

  • Many Students hope to work in academia after we graduate. The pay and conditions of university staff today could be our pay and conditions in the future.

  • Academic and support staff make our education possible through their work. Giving up one day of work in order to support them is hardly a big ask.

Picket Lines

Staff will be picketing buildings that are still open. They do this in order to persuade both other staff and students to support the strike by not going into those buildings. If you wish to support university staff, do not cross picket lines - by entering a building being picketed you undermine the strike's effectiveness. This will include libraries and administrative buildings, in order to support staff on pickets:

  • Take time to get any books or resources you need to check out the day before.

  • If you need to work on the day of a strike, prepare to work from home or a public library (Liverpool Central Library on William Brown Street has plenty of computers and printers that can be used).

  • If you have deadlines on or near the day of the strike, talk to your lectures and course reps about extensions.

Join the pickets! Approach staff and ask them if they would like your help, spend some time on the picket lines and try to persuade other students not to cross.