Help with Debt

Many people are struggling to make ends meet while the cost of living spirals.

Even a small change in circumstances can turn a manageable situation into a debt problem that threatens your home or your family’s wellbeing. Whatever the amount, debt can feel stressful, overwhelming and all-consuming.

Peace of mind

It’s closer than you might think. Turn to UNISON Debtline, a debt advice service for members run by our trusted partners, PayPlan. We offer confidential, free advice to help you clear your debts and manage your money for the future.

“After 18 months of worrying I feel like a huge weight has been lifted.” – UNISON member

UNISON Debtline can help you deal with all sorts of debt, from credit cards, to mortgage arrears, to county court judgment claims. We can help give you the best chance of keeping your home if you’re at risk of repossession.

    • immediate advice

    • a free and confidential service with no hidden charges

    • a personal case officer to advise you and negotiate with your creditors

    • a manageable debt plan to suit your circumstances

Our debt advice covers all parts of the UK, so rest assured that the advice you’re given will be based on the legislation and options available in the country that you live.

Take the first step

Call UNISON Debtline now on freephone 0800 389 3302.

You’ll have an initial chat with one of our dedicated advisors to get an accurate picture of your circumstances. You’ll be listened to and supported. And you’ll be well on your way to peace of mind.

Find out more about the help available

We know the full range of financial support that UNISON’s charity There for You can offer members in difficult circumstances, and we work together to ensure you get all the help you’re entitled to.

See what support UNISON’s charity can offer

Download the Debt Plan Poster

Download the Debt Plan Booklet

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