Stewards Needed

Liverpool City Region COP26 Coalition (the overarching group sending communications) are still looking for stewards on the day.

Stewarding will involve helping keep people safe, ie on one side of the road. You'll be given a yellow hi-vis bib to wear and walk on side of the march checking people don't go on to the other side of the main road.

For more information have a read of the Liverpool Stewards briefing document: HERE

To Sign up to be a steward please use the google doc: HERE

Once you have registered on the google doc you can also join WhatsApp chat for Stewarding: HERE

The main training offered by the coalition is on Nov 2nd at 7 pm. The training will cover de-escalation, crowd management, covid to accessibility. You won't need most of it for our demo as no police violence is expected. Zoom link for the meeting: HERE this will also be recorded and shared afterwards.

Liverpool City Region COP26 Coalition will do their own steward briefing verbally on the day (probably 11-11.30am TBC).